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International Forum on New Educational and Theatre Practices

Organised by:
> the Mieczyslaw Hertz Theatre Institute in Łódź

Activities performed within the MAT will take the form of Master Classes given by outstanding educators, artists and scholars from all over the world in such fields as: acting, directing, stage design, dramaturgy, music, theatre craft techniques, light direction, theatre production, theatrology and in the area of scientific reflections linked with broadly-understood human sciences. The presentation of the most inspiring and original ideas in the range of art and science by representatives of the leading universities from all over the world will let us establish a place which will have a creative impact on the Polish science, art and artistic education. At the same time, such Master Classes run abroad under international cooperation by Polish scientists and artists will be an excellent promotion of Polish science and art in major academic and artistic centres around the world.

As part of the MAT operation, a new website will be launched, which will provide a platform for constant exchange of experience and ideas related to the project under implementation. Supported by web communication techniques, a series of lectures, workshop demonstrations and discussion panels with partners from all over the world will be organised.

Knowledge and experience gathered under the MAT area of activities will be shared through book publications and video documentation in Polish and English. All materials will also be collected and stored in an electronic form on the MAT website. This way, a generally accessible knowledge base will be set up for the benefit of artists, educators and students from all over the world.


The Mieczysław Hertz Theater Institute preparing a project called:

International Symposium
Methods / Traditions / Explorations

The event will take place in Poland in Łódź in 23,24,25 October 2020.

The aim of the Symposium is to review the acting methods that underlie the education and artistic practice of actors in the 21st century, and to present brand new explorations in this field. By presenting the working methods of actors and educators, we want to create a „map" of influences and interactions of ideas that inspire the practice and artistic education in various theater cultures and traditions. That is why we care about the participation of representatives of schools and art communities from all over the world in our event.

The Symposium will be the inauguration of the MASTER’S ACADEMY OF THEATRE (MAT) / International Forum on New Educational and Theatre Practices.  

The three-day session will be divided into the following thematic blocks:

The first day will present a wide spectrum of acting methods, their assumptions, key concepts and practical tools that form the basis for the education of acting students in theater schools in Europe and in the world. Teachers involved in teaching acting will be invited to participate in this part of the Symposium.

The second day will be devoted to the presentation of acting methods, theatrical and cultural traditions, and the masters who are the source of knowledge and inspiration for 21st century actors. Invited film and theater actors will perform in this part.

The third day will be devoted to artistic ideas and experiences that open new perspectives in acting in the 21st century. Directors and leaders of various creative groups will be invited to participate in this part of the session.

The whole Symposium will be live-streamed on the Internet. We will also establish live video connection with speakers unable to join us in Łódź.

After the Symposium, a publication in Polish and English, „Actor of the 21st Century" will be published, featuring the speeches of invited speakers, as well as papers sent or delivered in the form of teleconferences.

If you are interested in participating in the Symposium, please send us an email to:

The symposium was canceled due to the pandemic.